• How the charging terminal work ?


    • Choose the method of payment, enter a secret code
    • Select an available locker
    • Connect the appliance and close the door
    • Pay (cash, credit card, prepaid card)


    • Select locker
    • Dial the secret code or drag the same card used when paying
    • Get the appliance and close the door
  • Is it safe ?

    The charging station is equiped with self-use most advanced security system which is use in safety box or Hotel safe. The user is the only one who can retreive the equipment from the locker by typping his personnal identification number (PIN). The locker stays lock even after the charging countdown settle by the user.

    Here are some safety tips to follow with any system:

    • Don’t leave the locker open
    • Never show your PIN
    • Don’t give your PIN, credit card/member card
    • Don’t try to open the locker without code or card
    • Call technical support indicated on the terminal
  • What are the general policies ?

    When using our services, you must consult and possibly adhere to the guidelines that we put at your disposal. These guidelines show how to use our services, including using some devices to perform operations. You must at all times follow these guidelines in order to use the services properly. Any other use may result presented misuse. Your credit card or prepaid card and no other card can not be used for the benefit of another person or on behalf (unless you act as a prosecutor) for illegal purposes. We may issue, renew, replace or revoke your Prepaid Card if we deem appropriate. Failing to do so promptly, you acknowledge that you could sustain a loss of the withdrawal or cancellation of your card. We make no warranty for the use of the terminal, facts, gestures, acts or omissions by preventing users recharge your devices, it is the user's responsibility to confirm that connectivity is adequate for charging. Afficharge dislodges from liability caused by improper use of its equipment may cause harm to the user. You should always protect your PIN, use your hand or your body to prevent people to see it, if people are too close, ask their move away in order to preserve the privacy of your word password. Service fees will apply for any movement caused by the loss, theft or breakage of the user's payment card and / or PIN lost / forgotten and technical support cause by a missuse of the terminal. You must notify us in case of disagreement regarding the use of our emergency services indicated on the charging station.